Abdomen, Love Handles and Breast Lipo Swelling?

I had lipo for my abdo, flanks and breast 4 days back 5.7 litres of fat have been removed this is my 4th day after lipo my abdo and flanks looks 2 times bigger then before, also I have a hard read color under my skin all over the area where lipo is done is that normal ? how long will take to recover 80%

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See your surgeon if concerned

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It can take up to three weeks for the majority of swelling to go away, but residual swelling can take months. The red colour you're seeing may be bruising. If you are concerned about it, please see your surgeon.

Liposuction multiple areas

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Often liposuctioned areas will appear more swollen for the first few weeks after treatment.  As for the red color, I asume you mean bruising?  This usually takes a few weeks to improve.

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