Abdomen Surface Resembles Cellulite After Liposuction?

I had Liposuction of the abdomen a little over a year ago. There is a small section on my stomach that has surface irregularities that resembles cellulite.

Is there anything now that can be done to help this? Like some type of massage or other treatment? Or am I stuck with it? Thanks so much for your replies.

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Lumps are not uncommon

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This is not that uncommon. Some patients see improvement with external ultrasound treatment, endermologie or VelaShape treatments. Doing a small liposuction procedure with a very small cannula in this same area may help, but there is a chance it could look worse too. Discuss it with your surgeon.

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Velashape may help

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Velashape, which is FDA approved for cellulite, has proven useful in our practice in this type of situation.  It will likely take a series of treatments, but can often improve skin tone post-liposuction, in my experience.

New laser liposuction can help contour deformities

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What you are describing are called contour deformities after liposuction. It is unlikely after a year that massage alone will smoothe your skin.

Newer non-surgical methods for cellulite are disappointing (Velasmooth, Smoothshapes etc) but can be tried. New laser liposuction (SlimLipo) has been used experimentally and has improved skin smoothness in patients who have been treated.

I would wait a year or two and re visit laser lipo if the irregularities are still a concern.

See before and after photos of SlimLipo.

Lumps after Liposuction

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Unfortunately, irregularities a year after liposuction are likely here to stay. Depending upon the irregularities, localized treatment with either microliposuction, mesotherapy, or one of the "Smart Lipo" modalties may give you some improvement.

I hope this helps.

Robert Steely, MD, FACS
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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