Could abdomen pain worsen as numbness fades?

I'm eleven days post op and I have been doing ok until today!  Whether I'm resting or walking, I feel a constant pain and it feels like something is jabbing my ribs!  It's not a severe pain but it is uncomfortable!  I thought the garment was possibly too tight but it doesn't go away when I loosen it!  I sense a little tingling and from what I understand, this is normal.  But it is possible that I'm feeling more pain due to the numbness subsiding? Also, when I walk, it feels like my insides are jiggling around (never felt this feeling til today)!  Again, could this be due to the numbness dissipating?  I greatly appreciate anyone that can assist!! 

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Could abdomen pain worsen as numbness fades?

The pain could be muscle spasm since you are now more active. You are moving around more so soreness can be expected. Just take it slow and no heavy lifting. The numbness will take much longer to resolve.

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Could abdomen pain worsen as numbness fades?

Areas of pain often change and increase as activity resumes early in recovery. The area about the ribs usually is not affected by numbness, unless you are talking about the first few hours while the local anesthetic is still on board. 

Specific questions like this are better asked of your surgeon, who knows what was done and has followed your recovery. All the best. 

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