Abdomen Drain Leave for More Than 42 Days?

I have open abdomen surgery after ERCP perforating duodendum on June 23rd. Doc removed gall bladder, and after that left with 2 drains. One drain removed in 5 day,wearing another drain until now, draining 60ml to 80ml per day. Blood test good,no fever,drain site good. Antibiotics ended one week ago. Q: How to find where the fluid could possibly come from and avoid after removing the fluid build up? Will Antibiotics help even before removing the tube?

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Drain removal

As Dr. Gottlieb says this is not a question for a plastic surgeon but for the surgeon who performed your surgery. You should ask him or her about what kind of drain it is and what is draining. There are a number of different kinds of drains that can be used after surgery such as yours and most are different from the ones plastic surgeons use. Good luck to you.

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Abdomen Drain Leave for More Than 42 Days?

I wouldn't take too much stock in a response from a plastic surgeon answering a question that is quite foreign to our practice and judgement. This is not like deciding about removing a drain after a tummy tuck.

Your surgeon should be able to guide you and to order the appropriate studies to determine the cause of the persistent drainage and how to treat it.

Thanks and best wishes.

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