Would Invisalign work for me?

I want to get Invisalign instead of braces but I have a deep overbite. My upper jaw is in the normal position but my lower jaw is too far back. My orthodontist said I said a have a deep overbite of 60-100% as well as some crowding of the bottom teeth. Would I be able to get Invisalign with the class 2 correction to help correct my overbite

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Invisalign and Deep Bite

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Invisalign has shown to be successful in treating Cl II and deep bite cases.  buttons and adjustments to the aligners can also be made to allow wearing elastics for bite correction.  Of course without seeing anything with your specific case it is impossible to tell you if Invisalign is a good option for you personally and your orthodontist should be able to explain any risks or shortcoming that Invisalign may have for you personally.  But in general a deep bite and Cl II occlusion are not contraindications to use Invisalign and many of these types of cases can be treated very successfully  

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