Are grazes expected after derma stamp treatment?

I had derma stamp treatment done yesterday. My skin is less red than yesterday but I have many grazes on my face. I have no idea how to hide them ready for work on Monday. Are grazes due to poor technique or it is just my skin? My skin is good - no scarring ect I had this treatment done for fine wrinkles and to plump up my skin. She used 0.5-1.5 depth. Thanks

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Are grazes expected after derma stamp treatment?

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Thanks for your query. Grazes signify that the needle have penetrated well and the treatment will show its results. Its generally sore for a week and then your skin becomes visibly better. You can try concealing it with foundations. Hope it helps.
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Grazes vs pinholes for stamping.

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If holes, that is normal - your specialist should have showed you the before and after photos. If its grazes ie. scratches, that is very poor technique as all vertical delivery systems go up and down, ie. that whole idea of minimising tissue tearing from rolling. 

A picture will be helpful. 


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