Breast Augmentation 3 Weeks Ago. When Can I Start Lifting More Than 10lb?

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Breast implant augmentation lifting restrictions and limitations

All surgeons may have different recommendations depending on the over or over muscle placement. Your best bet is to ask your surgeon but I generally advise a minimum of 2 weeks with good body mechanics when lifting.

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Activity restrictions after breast implants

The concern with too vigorous activities after breast augmentation is possible damage/trauma to the implant pocket which can cause bleeding or inflammatory process leading to capsular contracture.  In my practice we allow my patients to return to moderate aerobic activity after about a week, and some weight training after 2 weeks.  With this regimen I have not seen any late hematomas, nor do I believe that capsular contracture rate increases due to sub-clinical hematomas with activities.

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Activity after Breast Augmentation: Cardio in 2 weeks and lifting in 4

Strenuous activity after breast augmentation is discouraged for about 2 weeks not secondary to disruption of the implant, but mainly to decrease the risk of bleeding and hematoma which can lead to scarring around the implant. I restrict heavy lifting and chest exercises for 4 weeks to allow the pectoralis muscle to become less irritable. I hope this helps and I would wait for 4 weeks.

Dr. Trussler

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Weight lifting after breast augmentation

The main reason to avoid any kind of strenuous activity or weight lifting after nreast augmentation is to avoid a hematoma. This is caused by disruption of blood vessels at the operative site, and results in the accumulation of blood and clot around the breast tissue. Treatment of these hematomas may require a return to the operating room. It is best to avoid lifting 10lb weights for at least 4-6 weeks after surgery, and to gradually return to any exercise and weight lifting,

Olivia Hutchinson, MD
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