Is my vagina normal? My labia minora seems to be either too short or not there entirely? (Photo)

I noticed recently my labia look very different from other women. I can't find anything online. Should I go to the doctor about this?

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Labia Minora Size

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I  perform a variety of treatments and surgeries to enhance, restore and rejuvenate the female genital region.  This includes  procedures to improve moisture, and sensitivity and tighten the vaginal canal; enhance orgasm and restore or improve the appearance of the vulva including the labia minora, labia majora,  the clitoral region and the vestibule of the vagina.  The mons pubis can also be improved with techniques noted below. There are many names for these procedures which include: Designer Vagina, Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation, LVR, Monsplasty, Labiaplasty, Labia Rejuvenation, Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery, Aesthetic Vaginal Sugery, Perineoplasty, and Hymenoplasty. Vaginal Enhancement Surgery is basically cosmetic surgery of a woman’s “Private Parts” or genital region.You should be able to schedule a consultation with a local plastic surgeon to see which of these procedures would best help you reach your desired results. Best of luck to you!

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Don't compare yourself to other

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Please don’t compare yourself with other women. Every woman has a unique appearance and yours looks totally normal. 

Anatomy Variation

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You have minimal labia minora and a more prominent clitoral hood. Sometimes the absence of labia minora can develop from a medical condition, other times it's simply how you are made.
In your case, labia minora can be "reconstructed" by the clitoral hood tissue. For some women, absent labia minora can cause issues with hygiene, infections, and intercourse. You'll need to find an expert labiaplasty surgeon (i.e. Not your local GYN) to perform clitoral hood flaps for labia minora reconstruction. Travel for this as you will only find a few surgeons in the country who are able...

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Small labia minora

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Everyone is shaped differently, so no need to worry if yours are smaller than others unless you are having  symptoms such as itching, pain with sex, etc. If you are experiencing issues or have concerns regarding changes in your labia/vulva that have occurred over time you should visit with your gynecologist. Reassurance by a specialist would be helpful and offer piece of mind. You won't find this online.
Best of luck,

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
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Is my vagina normal?

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Dear Nd1214,

Thank you for writing in with your excellent question and for sharing your photo.  We come in all shapes, sizes and colors and you are within the normal range.  Some women have minimal labial tissue around the lower half of the opening and others have tissue that runs all the way down and even connects at the bottom causing a ridge. There are women who have comfort and functional issues due to the labia minora, and those women should be seen and evaluated by an experienced cosmetic gynecologist or urogynecologists who can reduce the edges and improve their quality of life. There are other women who just don't like the way they look, due to length, pigmentation or asymmetry. Labiaplasty can be a confidence booster when looking in the mirror makes one smile instead of be critical.  I don't think you need to see a doctor at this time unless you are having a problem with your genitals.

For more information about labiaplasty, please visit the link below.

I hope this information is helpful.


Troy R. Hailparn, MD, FACOG
Cosmetic Gynecology Center of San Antonio

Troy Hailparn, MD
San Antonio OB/GYN
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Is my vagina normal? My labia minora seems to be either too short or not there entirely?

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Thank you for your question and photograph. There is a wide variation in the size and appearance of a women's anatomy, and your vagina falls well within normal. Some women may have, or develop, enlarged or asymmetrical labia that can make exercise, sexual intercourse, or wearing certain types of clothing difficult. In these instances, a labiaplasty allows for a reduction in the size of the labia, while also making a more symmetrical pairing. As you are not having any difficulty with your labia there is no need to se your doctor unless you would want to entertain changing its appearance. 

Nelson Castillo, MD
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Normal vagina

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I agree with the comment below.  Your appearance is entirely normal and some might say a goal that many other women would want to see. I believe from the photo is appears the that the lips or labia minora have not be spread and therefore in the photo one may think the appearance is different.

The answer to almost all "is my vagina normal" questions is yes

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Yes, your labia look normal and going to your doctor won't change the answer. If you have a desire to alter the appearance of your labia regardless of whether they appear normal or not, then see a labiaplasty specialist.

Normal Labia

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I would definitely classify the appearance of your labia to be within normal limits.  I would not pursue surgical intervention unless you have a specific problem (pain with intercourse, irritation with exercise/activity). 

Is my vagina normal?

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Unless you are experiencing any problems, there is no need to go to a doctor. There is a wide variety in female anatomy and you should not be worried.

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