2 Rhinoplasty Surgeries Following Broken Nose: Still Having Breathing Problems, Looking for the Doctor for a Revision (photo)

i make 2 plastic surgery in my nose because it was broken but not sucssfull for this i am looking for beset Dctors to make new operation allsoo the breathing is not good after last plastic surgery
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Look for a facial plastic surgeon who does mostly noses

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The surgeons with the most training inside the nose are board certified in both facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology. You need your breathing issues appropriately evaluated and treated at this point. You may need to make the nose a little larger to obtain a better airway. Don't proceed until you find someone you are comfortable with who is confident that they can improve your breathing.

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Broken nose and revision rhinoplasty

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Look for a rhinoplasty surgeon who understands both the physiologic and cosmetic component of nasal surgery to repair a broken, breathing, and cosmetic problem regarding your nose. A Board-certified ENT/facial plastic surgeon would be a good place to start. For many examples of rhinoplasty and broken nose repair, please see the link below

William Portuese, MD
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Revision rhinoplasty difficult to do well.

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I would advise you to find a plastic surgeon, who has performed many rhinoplasties for both cosmetic and reconstructive reasons. The nose is a difficult anatomy to master.  Once you've had a couple of operations, the risks increase quite a lot.  Good luck.

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