A Year After Breast Reduction an Area Below Rib Red and Warm-cancer Scare? (photo)

I had successful breast reduction in 2011. Now an area below the right breast has remained red and warm for several weeks. I looked at the scar below the right breast and noticed that it is red with a red vein running the length. As I moved out of state my surgeon is not in my area. I saw a doctor who did not looked at the breast scars and is sending me for mammogram with cancer scare.

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Scars can be biologically active years after breast reduction but should be evaluated by the plastic surgeon.

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The scar in the photograph looks to be still biologically active meaning still healing. It certainly might be something more serious so should be brought to the attention of your surgeon.

Redness/Swelling Most likely NOT Cancer.

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This typically is not the presentation for cancer.  It looks and sounds like a low grade infection. I would visit with your PS or PCP to get this evaluated.

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A Year After Breast Reduction an Area Below Rib Red and Warm-cancer Scare?

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Appears as an irritated scar but seek boarded PLASTIC SURGEON to see you ASAP to evaluate the issue. 

Mammogram for Red Area after Breast Reduction

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   Mammogram in your situation may be warranted, but without a physical exam this is hard to say.  If you just have a red area on the breast, this is unlikely cancer.

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