A Week After BA and Swelling Gone, Sneeze and Swellling Back. Something Should I Worry For?

I had b.a. Aug.,23, 2012 and by Aug.29, noon sweeping was gone, latter in the day I get a big sneeze and immense pain and swelling steeling in. I had nattrelle 15/336 under muscle, I am 5.4 and 116 lbs. why the swelling and firmness?

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Should I Worry ??


A sudden increase in swelling, especially if it is just on one side (you don't mention this) can be a sign of bleeding that needs to be addressed. An event such as a sneeze could trigger a bleed. A call without delay to your surgeon is in order. 

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Swelling and firmness after a sneeze.

I am surprised all of your swelling went away in one week.  But if you see a significant change in size and firmness to either (or both) breasts, then you should get in contact with your surgeon.  This could be a hematoma forming.

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Increased pain and swelling one week after augmentation

If your breast has begun to swell and is painful after a sneeze or strain a week after breast augmentation you should get in and let your surgeon have a look right away. This is not typically how things should be.

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Increased Pain and Swelling after Breast Augmentation?

I would suggest that you follow with your plastic surgeon ASAP.   Only after direct examination, will your plastic surgeon be able to  determine whether you have experienced a complication ( such as hematoma).  The increased pain and swelling you have experienced  may be  signs of a problem that should be evaluated.

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It’s very soon after surgery you are still expected to have pain and swelling it takes 6- 9 months for you’re to feel completely normal. A sneeze cannot affect your results. It’s normal to feel pain.


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