Am I a Suitable Candidate for Fat Transfer? I'm Looking for a Permanent Solution For My Eyes. (photo)

I am 30 years old. (Photo taken after botox – 2 months) I started noticing the dark circles under my eyes about 8 years ago. The lines and circles are really obvious under direct sunlight or under fluorescent light. I started doing botox (between the brows, crow’s feet region). This definitely prevents that brow crease and reduces the hollows under the eyes somewhat. However, doing this every 3-4 months isn't cost effective. Please let me know your thoughts or suggestions (see pics) Thanks!!

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Dark circles

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The dark circles you have are from the herniaton of the middle and medial pockets of orbital fat...They need to be removed to get rid of the dark circles. Then a judicous injection of fat in the hollow area and tear trough. You cant hide these bags with fat forever and eventually they will come down and show

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Using fat transfer for under the eyes

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Yes, fat grafting can be used to give a longer lasting correction to the dark shadowing under your eyes. It won't necessarily improve any fine lines, though.

The link below provides a good example of how lower eyelid/cheek fat grafting can be done in someone your age.

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