A Scar Caused by Herpes Zoster, is It Possible That It Could Develop into Keloid? (photo)

or the Disease Could Return Due to Irritation? I had Herpes Zoster 6 years ago and it had left a scar on my face and i still have fear that it could come back and it could develop to a keloid. I also fear the sun, i also avoid the beach since its the place where i got the virus from and i've also been so conscious with what i apply on my face and now i have plans on getting a facial treatment for my acne breakouts and i fear that the chemicals they will use will irritate my scar, is there a possibility it could comeback? Thank you.

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Herpes zoster scars and keloids

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Usually herpes zoster scars are superficial and rarely cause keloids, but it is possible.  Most keloids arise from injury to the dermis, so if an injury is deep enough, surely it can cause a keloid.

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