A New Nose and a Different Looking Face! So when to Return to Work?

Hi, can you please let me know how long until I can go out with my friends & clients because at this stage I am one week post op and are due to return to work in 7 days. I am so puffy and I look very different. I had a long bent nose plus a dorsal hump. There was 3 hours of work on my nose to correct it & it is slightly upturned now. Since the bump is removed my nose seems flat & shorter, as if the bump was holding it up. I am in the public eye for work so I am lacking confidence to return :(

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1 week post-op

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One week post surgery is still very early for you to judge the results of your surgery - be patient and follow up with your surgeon.  By the end of the 2nd week you will see more improvement and the tip will not be as upturned

Time of Work for Rhinoplasty

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Each physician have different guidelines regarding post operative care. Typically, light activity can resume 5 to 7 post surgery. More strenuous activity is generally started 3 to 6 weeks post surgery. Residual swelling that can take 6 to 12 months to resolve but not noticable to the general public. Consult with your surgeon regarding your case as he or she will know the scope of surgery and the specifics about you.

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