A Microdermabrasion Left a Small Dent on my Forhead. What Laser Treatment Should I Get to Fix It? (photo)

I received a microdermabrasion on my entire face...Everything came out great except for the tiny dent on my forhead. I was talking during the procedure and started asking the women a lot questions during it and at that small part of my forhead she left the diamond on that small area for 5 seconds to answer my question. The rest of my face looks great, but it's been six weeks now and the small dent hasn't healed yet. What creams or procedures can I use to fix it? Will it go away?

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Subcision Works Well For Small Dented Scars and Depressions

Subcision is a procedure in which a sterilized needle is inserted, following the administration of local anesthesia, directly beneath a depressed scar (whether from acne, infection, trauma, or surgery) and used to break up the thick bands of fibrous scar tissue that bind down the surface and create the dent.

Breaking up the abnormal bands of thickened, scar collagen accomplishes two things. First, it allows the surface of the scar to float to the surface. In addition, the tissue fluid that immediately fills the space following treatment contains growth factors and other wound healing substances that promote neocollagenesis, native collagen production, that allows for improvment and elevation of the scar. Between two to four treatments, spaced at six week intervals, are generally required to promote sufficient new collagen to achieve a satisfactory improvement. Since, the collagen produced is one's own, the results of subcision are typically permanent.

That having been said, I would suggest giving this particular dent another six weeks. Not uncommonly, natural healing can improve these kinds of dents spontaneously. If, after that time, sufficient improvement is not seen, I would suggest seeking consultation with a dermasurgeon experienced in subcision and other scar revision techniques. While lasers get a lot of marketing and advertising hype (and for this reason come readily to the mind of the consumer), I think they would play little role in the management of this particular problem.

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