A Horizantal Line Scar on my Right Leg After Lipo? (photo)

Hi, i had lipo 2 weeks ago and there is a horizantal line scar on my right hip. My doc told me that it is due to the lipo sticks. Do you think if it can be recovered in a few months or permanent?

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Smartlipo healing

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Results for Smartlipo will take longer than 2 weeks to see the final results. Be sure to have a follow up appointment with your surgeon to make sure you are healing correctly.

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Post-liposuction deformity

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It would be nice to see preop photos to determine if this was present before liposuction. If this was from liposuction you may need fat grafting to repair this. An exam in person is key.

Post-liposuction defect

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this is a very common problem that I see in my practice almost on a weekly basis where patients are seeking treatment for post-liposuction defects. its rare that such a deep defect will cure itself. but it might. I treat a fair number of such defects in my practice with different procedures depending upon what one might qualify for. u can wait it out but my feeling u will need a revision. good luck

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