Am I a Good Candidate For Skin Removal or Should I Wait? (photo)

I'm curious if I am a good candidate for skim removal surgery or if I should wait to lose another ~15 pounds or so. About 2.5 years ago I was 490 lbs and today I am 209 lbs. I've attached a before pic. This is me today. So should I get it or should I wait longer? I would hate to get it only to think that I could get better results if I burned off more fat... so I would love a professional opinion. Thank You.

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Healthy Stable Weight Before Considering Skin Removal Surgery

First off, I'd like to congratulate you on losing that much weight. It's amazing! Are you still planning to lose more? If yes, then you should definitely wait until you've reached a stable and healthy weight. Then, you could explore your options, which include a body lift, tummy tuck and perhaps male chest contouring. At a healthy, stable weight, you'll be able to achieve better results and dramatically reduce surgical risks. Good luck!

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Abdominal contouring after weight loss

Ideally, you should be at your goal weight before opting for plastic surgery  You may benefit from an extended tummy tuck or a body lift.  Please visit with a board certified PS to learn more about your options.

Dr. Basu

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C. Bob Basu, MD, FACS
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Am I a Good Candidate For Skin Removal or Should I Wait?

Dear Genesiser,

Thank you for your question and photo.

Its always best to wait until you are at the weight you want to be at longterm.  You will have a better result the more weight you lose.  If you are still losing weight, then continue to do so and wait until you have plateaued and aren't able to lose any more weight.  If you are at that point already, then you will have a very nice result as it is with body contouring surgery.

Best Wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

Pablo Prichard, MD
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Am I a Good Candidate For Skin Removal or Should I Wait?

Congratulations on your significant weight loss; you should be very proud of this accomplishment. Generally speaking, always best to proceed with body contouring surgery after you have achieved a long-term stable weight. Doing so, will help minimize the risks of surgery as well as decreased chances that additional surgery will become necessary down the line.

 Seek consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons.

 Best wishes.

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Weight Loss and Surgery

Your question if you are a good candidate for skin removal is a very common one. The significant weight loss undergone is the most difficult thing to achieve and you have accomplished that already. After losing over 280lb the excess skin will certainly require removal, redraping and reconstruction and the best time to have surgery is when you are closest to your ideal body weight. It is difficult to tell your height from the pictures so you have to calculate your body mass index to see if you have closed in on it. Have in mind that many people who lose weight cannot achieve that ideal number so don't be discouraged. If you are planning on losing more than additional 20lbs, try to bring yourself to that level before proceeding with surgical planning. However, based on the pictures you may have already achieved the maximum required to get the best possible outcome with your existing state. There are many factors to consider and this is just a generalized outline for your consideration.

Sherif M. Khattab, MD
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Abdominoplasty after weight loss

Congratulations on your weight loss. We perform many Abdominoplasties on male patients that like you have lost a lot of weight.

You are a gtreat candidate for an extended abdominoplaty, liposuction of the back and flanks depending on your health we can also consider doing a gynecomastia.

Jhonny Salomon, MD
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Am I a Good Candidate For Skin Removal or Should I Wait?

               I did not see an after pic, only before pics.  You are likely a very good candidate, provided you are average or taller height.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of tummy tucks each year.  Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Am I a Good Candidate For Skin Removal or Should I Wait?

You are good to go! Seek a boarded PS in your area who do large volume weight loss reductions. Congrsats on the 200 + pound loss. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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