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Hello, I was wondering if my nose is too long for my face. Does it take up 1/3 of my face from my glabella to the nose tip for ideal proportions? I always felt like the middle of my face was really long and I could not tell why. I was hoping someone can shed some insight into this. Thank you.

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Length of the nose is generally measured from radix (root) of the nose at the top to the tip of the nose.  From the front view you submitted, it is impossible to evaluate.  If your middle face were vertically long, your upper and lower lips would not easily come together at rest, and you would likely have a "gummy smile," (like Jerry Seinfeld).

From the frontal view, your facial proportions appear normal and beautiful, but difficult to evaluate the nose without a profile view. 

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Your nose appears to have the appropriate 2/3 length of the midface. Therefore I do not think it is too long. However the sidewalls of you nose are straight vertical and this makes the nose look longer than it is. Normally the nasal sidewalls form a gentle arc that is a natural extension of the curve of the inner edge of the eyebrows. The remedy would be the infracture of a rhinoplasty as that would allow reshaping of the sidewalls.

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