Am I a Good Candidate for Ultherapy? (photo)

Hi..I am 60 years of age and had a facelift nearly 5 years ago and I am now starting to see sagging jowels appearing. My face doesn't have a lot of fat as am skinny but weight increase only seems to put weight around my bottom and stomach.

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Ultherapy 5 years after face lift

Your photos would suggest that you would be a candidate for Ultherapy and you are not the only one who has had face lifting surgically and has come for some tightening of the skin - face, neck. In addition, you may benefit from some voume filler in the lower face. 

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Ultherapy for the face - Los Angeles

You are an excellent candidate for a non surgical neck and lower face lift with Ultherapy.  The procedure will tighten fascia and loose sagging platysma. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Your photo would appear so but you still need a personal consultation

Ulthera is a good option for patiens such as yourself who have had facelifts but see return of laxity.  When another surgical procedure is not indicated, Ulthera can stimulate new collagen growth in those areas beginning to show laxity.  The results are very natural, usually showing improvement in the contour and quality of the skin.

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Ultherapy for lifting the face after a face lift

Ultherapy was designed initially to help patients get some lift of their face without surgery and to help patients get more lift some years after they had a facelfit without undergoing surgery again. If there is some descent of the cheek and jowl formation or more of a marionette line or fold of skin above this crease, then possibly Ultherapy may help lift the adjacent skin and create a younger appearance. You would need an in - person consultation to determine your candidacy for Ultherapy.

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Ultherapy Five Years After Face Lift

Thank you for the photos. We have been doing Ultherapy in my clinic for about 8 months and have really achieved nice results with this non-invasive ultrasound tightening device. Looking at your photos, you seem to have mild return of your jowels. You look like you would be a very good candidate for Ultherapy. It doesn't appear that another surgical procedure would be right for you now. As far as tightening devices, I have had a Thermage for about 8 years. The Ultherapy device does a much better job for us. The procedure can be uncomfortable - so I do recommend ibuprofen and a narcotic like vicodin. This combination seems to keep people comfortable. Some people get a little bruising with the procedure, but otherwise, there is no down-time.  

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Ultherapy and filler


Dear patient,

I believe that you are a great candidate for Ultherapy. You have a narrow face and cutting facelifts can cause the face to become even more narrow. In conjunction with the Ultherapy I would suggest one or two syringes of Juvederm or Radiesse to fill the laugh lines and gently augment your cheekbones.

I hope that you found these answers helpful.




Dr. David Rahimi


A. David Rahimi, MD
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