44 yo, 4'11", 105 lbs, with 33" midsection. I have trouble gaining weight but have my heart set on a BBL. Am I a good candidate?

I am 44 yrs old and always had a difficult time gaining weight. I have my heart set on getting a BBL and would like to know if I have enough fat. I am 4' 11" and weigh 105lbs but I carry a midsection that is 33".

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Can Relatively Thin Patients Get a Brazilian Butt Lift?

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By your photo which has limited detail due to being clothed, you may be a reasonable candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift, but an exam by a well qualified board certified plastic surgeon is recommended to discuss outcome expectations.
As long as your weight is stable, which I would define as plus or minus five pounds from your current weight over the past few years, you would be a reasonable candidate for a Brazilian Butt lift fat transfer procedure
Most patients don't realize that only about 20-25% of fat removed is suitable for fat transfer. Also, not all of the fat that is transferred not all survives. Realistic expectations are important for best out come and satisfied patients. For some patients, more than one fat transfer procedure is required to obtain the size they want because injecting too much fat at one time has diminishing returns as less fat survives than if less is injected. In other patients, inadequate fat from other areas may limit the buttock enhancement size which may apply to you.

Am I a Brazilain Butt Lift Candidate?

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Great question, but very difficult to tell from your picture alone. I will tell you that just about anyone is a candidate for a BBL, if you do not have enough fat I advise patients to gain 10-15 lbs for surgery. Most patients will maintain this excess "fat" after surgery as it has no been removed from unwanted areas and placed in the "wanted" area, the rear, and will continue to survive. As sculpting of the buttocks is also and essential part of the procedure, most patients will also benefit greatly from the sculpting of the buttock region also.

Jonathan Weiler, MD
Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 93 reviews

You do not have enough excess fat to give you great results

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At 4'11" and 105lb you probably do not have a lot of excess fat that can be used for butt enhancement.  If your expectation is to have a more sculpted waist and butt then you will be happy, but if you are looking for a bigger butt you will be disappointed. 

Your picture is not helpful as it doesn't show where fat could be taken from.  All I can see is that you already have a small waist and proportionately larger butt.  From this picture I would highly doubt that you would be happy with the results of this surgery.  



Martin Jugenburg, MD, FRCSC

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 518 reviews

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Good candidate for BBL

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It depends on your expectations. If you expect a bubble-butt, the answer is no, because you don't have enough spare fat to get that result.  Buttock implants while not perfect are better than fat transfer for skinny people. Dr Foster

Lawrence Foster, MD (retired)
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

What makes someone a Good Candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Yes, you are definitely a candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift.  How good of a candidate depends on your expectation. 
Just about anyone can have the BBL as long as you have extra fat that you want to have removed.  If you are a candidate for liposuction, you are a candidate for the BBL.  You can either throw away the fat which is removed, or you can transfer it to your buttocks.   In my opinion what makes someone a good candidate is having realistic expectations as to what this volume of fat can do for your buttocks. If you weigh 100lbs and expect to get a JLo Butt, you are not a good candidate.  If your goal is to improve your buttocks shape and size, then you may be an excellent candidate.  If you had a large frame, it would take a lot of fat injected into your buttocks to see a significant improvement.  If you have a tiny little frame, it doesn't take a very large volume to see a similar improvement.  It's all relative!  

You appear to be a good candidate to me.  You seem to have some excess fat around your waistline/flank areas.  Removing this will improve your shape and enhance your buttocks. Placing this fat into your buttocks will only make this even better!

BBL candidate

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Truthfully, it's not quite possible to tell if you are a great candidate or not because of the clothing.  Your BMI suggests that you are a good candidate, as do your photos but you'd need to come in for a real consultation.  

Best wishes


Ricardo A. Meade, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 125 reviews

Brazilian Butt Lift

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Brazilian Butt Lift is body contouring of the body and the buttocks.

According to the picture posted you have some fat above the edge of your trousers, and waist.Bu taking that fat out you will round your buttocks, then see if there are other sources of fat and transfer the harveted fat to the buttocks. Thus you will get the hour glass appearance and the increase in the buttock size and shape. 

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Nice shape better butts projection

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yes you  are a nice  candidate for BBL but if you could gain at least  4 pounds  more  it  would be better   result

Ramon Navarro, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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