Am I a Good Candidate for Smart Lipo on Chin and Neck? (photo)

I got a quote and they are charging 3500 to do both the neck and chin. I also want to know if that is a fair price? Thanks so much.

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Smart lipo of chin and neck

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From your photos you appear to be a good candidate for Smart lipo and the price you were quoted is reasonable.  Best wishes.

Smartlipo of the neck

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If you have areas of fat that are not responding to diet and exercise then you are a good candidate for Smartlipo.

Bruce E. Katz, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Neck SmartLipo

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You look like a good candidate.  The neck and under the chin are usually done together with most of the expected improvement under the chin.  The price is reasonable if it includes the facility fee and anesthesia.  In some areas it may be lower but more importantly, you need to feel comfortable with your surgeon and his experience.

Martin O`Toole, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Am I a Good Candidate for Smart Lipo on Chin and Neck?

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Yes you are an excellent candidate as seen in your posted photos. Fee range from $2K to $4K depending on area of country you live in. 

SmartLipo neck lift

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SmartLipo can be an excellent option for neck contouring in the right patient.  Based on your pictures, you appear to be a good candidate for SmartLipo.  You should get a nice result with some skin tightening.  Pricing varies in different parts of the country but $3500 seems like a reasonable cost for the procedure.

Smartlipo of the Neck and Jowls

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Smartlipo is a good option for your neck and jowls and should give you a nice improvement. The total of $3500 is a reasonable quote and, in some areas of the country, may be even higher.

Smartlipo for chin

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neck liposculpting is a very gratifying procedure. I must say though that my favorite way of doinf neck lipo would be the traditional one. SmartLipo would be my second choice. the price you were quoted for might be the right one given what part of the country you live in. it can be significantly higher for metropolitan areas like NYC.


Smartlipo for the Neck and Chin

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Smartlipo is a nice procedure for contouring the neck and chin.  It allows for fat removal and tissue tightening which can significantly improve neck contours.  Typical costs for Smartlipo start around $3500.  Sometimes I will discount a particularly small area. Additional areas are always discounted when done at the same time.  Based on the pictures that were posted it looks to me that Smartlipo is a nice option and should give a nice improvement in the neck shape.  It is important to meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon and it is important to review the risks and benefits with your surgeon.  Good luck, I'm sure you'll be happy with your procedure.

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