Am I a good candidate for Restalyn or Juvederm under the eyes? (photo)

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Restylane, not Juvederm

Hi Msjulse,

The photo you posted must be particularly unflattering.  It does appear that you have hollowing localized along the tear trough groove.  Using small amounts of Restylane will help to smooth the transition.  For some patients, it may not be possible to completely smooth out the groove, like we see in Kim Kardashian photos (not the paparazzi photos).  If you always had some tear trough groove even as a child, the limitation to the improvement may be a faint transition along the tear trough groove.  The lower eyelid area is still flat, and the cheek transitions diagonally off of the vertical lower eyelid plane.  Ideally, the transition is not two planes intersecting at a the groove, but preferrably a rounded smoothed transition so no line is visible.  Each patient is different and results can vary.  Realistic expectations are important during the consultation.

Restylane in the under eyes appears to last around 12-18 months before patients return for a touch up. I will take follow up standardized photos when they come back for a follow up and the continued improvement even at the 12-18 month follow up means that there is still Restylane left over. The first time they patient has the treatment is also when they use the most amount of filler. After the "gas tank" is filled up, they usually don't come back unless it is 1/4 or 1/2 depleted, and they will use less filler than they did the first time.


Dr. Yang

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