My lips are big and my chin looks small. Am I a good candidate for lip reduction surgery? (photo)

My lips are very big, particularly my bottom one and it's caused me to lose quite a lot of confidence. My big lips mean my chin looks small and there's a shadow under my bottom lip caused by it. Looking at my face from the side means my lips poke out too. I wouldn't mind so much if they were proportionate to my face but they instead give me a bloated look from the sides with no definition and a sloped look starting from my eyes down.

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Big lips, small chin

Interesting question, and a common scenario. Certainly lip reduction is an option, although another nice option that I've done successfully is to enhance the chin with fillers to make the chin more prominent and give the face more balance, and give a relative look of smaller lips.

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Lip reduction surgery

Your questions should be directed to a plastic surgeon with experience for lip reduction surgery, as a dermatologist we do not address this issue.

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