Canine tooth sits behind bottom row and jaw is slightly to the side. Am I a good candidate for Invisalign? (photo)

My canine tooth sits behind my bottom row, and my jaw is slightly to the side. Am I a good candidate for Invisalign? How do I correct my jaw biting to one side?

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Not if you actually want to fix the bite and really get things sorted out properly. You have a very difficult problem here. The cross bite is quite severe, the lower jaw appears to be severely shifted to the right, the lower mid line is a full tooth width to the right of the upper mid line.  I would suspect a skeletal asymmetry underlying the tooth alignment problem that will have to be either treated to correct it (possibly surgery) or "compensated for" in some manner .  You need a very good orthodontic specialist who will do some very careful diagnostic work here and make a very specific individualized custom treatment plan to help deal with your specific issues .  I would not expect a fast treatment but with the best possible fixed appliances, very careful treatment planning and execution  a great deal can be done to help your situation.   I have treated cases much worse than this and we have been able to get very dramatic improvements.

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Candidate for Invisalign

Looks like you have a severe malocclusion. Crossbite, etc. Your case is much better handled with traditional braces.

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