I'm I a Good Candidate for Chin Implants? (photo)

I'm 24yrs old and I have braces on at the time of the pic. My chin seems receded and I have problems closing mouth naturally. I don't think I have a chin. I just want a small chin implant and was wondering If I'm a good candidate. but I have a few concerns: How will this implant improve my jaw area What's the recovery time? I'm really concerned about nerve/motor damage. any reassurances? is Cleveland clinic or any other surgeons around the Cleveland area any good at this surgery?

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Am I a Good Candidate for a Chin Implant?

    It is impossible to recommend a chin implant from this view alone.  I suspect that you are a little deficient but this must be confirmed with other views or an exam.  The chin implant can be placed through an incision in the mouth so that there is no visible scar or any problem with poor scarring that is visible.  Sensory changes are temporary in my experience in my practice.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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