Am I a good candidate for Canthoplasty and Blepharoplasty? (Photo)

I've always gotten remarks since middle school on how my eyes were "asian" or how I looked "high" or tired. So, I assume my ptosis happened there or it's congenital and I never noticed until others noticed. I also have a slight negative canthal tilt. The thing is, all around my eyes are weak. I have exotropia(eye drifts outwards). How would that affect the canthoplasty and belpharoplasty? And what a realistic expectation of the results of an upper lid blepharoplasty combined with a canthoplasty?

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Ptosis surgery combined with canthoplasty

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You don't need blepharoplasty but perhaps ptosis surgery.  Ptosis surgery can be combined with lateral canthoplasty to elevate the outer corner of your eyelid angle. See an oculoplastic surgeon.

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Normal eyelids

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Your eye;ids are fine and you are a good looking young male.  No you do not need a canthoplasty or any other surgery.  Enjoy your appearance.  You look great.  My Best,  Dr C

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