5ft4, 115lbs and slightly chubby: Am I a Good Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal? (photo)

I am 5'4, 115 pounds. I am slightly chubby. I would say it has to do with genetics very much my mom has the same body structure and face strucrture as me. Heres the thing, people say that most likely you'll regret buccal fat rremoval because later in life you'll look saggy etc. My mother and grandmother [her mom] both have my structures and still have VERY chipmunk like cheeks. [In their 40s and 70s]. I am fairly atractive, but my face just turns me off period. I have very noticable dimples.

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Buccal fat removal

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Thanks for the photos. As you mentioned Buccal fat removal is not for everyone. Fullness of the cheeks in youth may not last so we want to be carefull not to take it out at too young an age. In your case it sounds like in your family the fullness lasts a long time. Chances are it will for you too. Its always best to be conservative with any facial plastic surgery but it looks like you would be a candidate. You might also consider a slight chin zugmentation. But dont change your dimples they are fantastic!


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