22 Years old - Are there any other alternatives to get rid of facial fat, besides weight-loss? (photo)

I'm 22 and have a lot of fat on my cheeks. Are there any other alternatives to get rid of facial fat? (besides weight-loss)

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Buccal Fat Removal

Thank you for your picture.  You are, in fact, an excellent candidate for buccal fat removal.  The fat is removed through a very small incision inside your mouth about the level of the second molar (that area of the cheek one tends to bite).  This surgery can be done under local.  You need to pick a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with experience in this area.  Judicious removal of buccal fat not only defats the cheek but can highlight your beautiful high cheekbones and show a separation between them and your jawline.  The surgery normally takes 15-20 minutes.  Some people put one suture in to close the mucosa and others don't put any sutures in at all.  Good luck on your surgery.  I am sure you will be happy with the results. 

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