Considering nose job and don't like how chubby my face is: Am I a Good Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal? (photo)

I am really considering that and a nose job. I don't like how chubby my face is and I think my profile just doesn't look right... Any other suggestions? Possibly chin augmentation?

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Buccal Fat Pad Removal- Am I Candidate?

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Patients must be selected properly for buccal fat pad removal, as chosing an inappropriate candidate can lead to a premature gaunt look in the face.

Critera to see if candidate for buccal fat pad removal:

1.  Family history of "full" faces-  Families with full faces who age with full faces are likely to benefit from buccal fat removal.  Families whose fuller faces eventually turn gaunt should avoid this procedure
2.  Buccal fat excess-  There are multiple fat pads in the face.  The key is to determine if buccal fat pad removal is beneficial

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Buccal Fat Removal at young age

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Hi Stuey23,


Buccal fat pad excision is a precise and a delicate procedure that should be performed by extensively experienced surgeons, especially with young candidates.


With age, the buccal fat pads will atrophy, and only through a conservative approach that hollow face will be prevented from developing as the patient ages.


They key is to preserve your natural beauty while establishing the famous "heart shaped" face.


I encourage you to seek a consultation with the right surgeon who will guide you to make the correct decision and to enjoy the ultimate facial beauty that will best fit you.


Thank you for posting your photographs.


Best of luck.

Dr. Sajjadian

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