Am I a good candidate for bimaxillary jaw surgery?

Hello. Thanks for taking the time to read my question. I feel that I have a very weak chin, jaw bonestructure and I'm not very comfortable with it. I feel that both my upper and lower jaw are recessed. Am I a good candidate for bimaxillary jaw surgery? Would adding Genioplasty benefit me more? What would you consider to maximize aesthetic results? I have a rather long midface. Would the jaw surgery - more horizontal projection - give the illusion of a more compact midface? Thank you!

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Jaw surgery

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The decisions for jaw surgery are based also upon the 'bite' or fit of the upper and lower teeth at present. Both the bite and the esthetic balance of the face are important factors in the planning.

Just from the images, it appears that the lower jaw is 'underdeveloped' as well as the front of the lower jaw or 'chin'. So, yes, a lower jaw and chin surgery would be cosmetically beneficial; and any upper jaw surgery decision would depend upon further images and 'bite' decisions

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