Am I a Canidate for Dental Bonding Following Invisalign? (photo)

I am now 14/16 months into the Invisalign process and my teeth are great.My overbite/jet has also become much better.However, I chipped 3 of my teeth from having a bad bite. My dentist rounded off my 2 front teeth which made them appear shorter next to my other incisors.I spoke with my ortho,and he told me he can reshape them and to wait because they might even out more. I do not want my other teeth ground down for veneers or to even them out. Can I have them made square again,fixing the chips?

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Dental Bonding

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From the photos it appears that your teeth may be long enough that recontouring the laterals and cuspids might be a better option than bonding the centrals.  It is hard to say without seeing you. Perhaps consider talking to your dentist or orthodontist about recontouring procedures.

Bonding can be done but it will be higher maintenance due to the incisal edge position which you bite with.


Ronald W. Konig DDS

Houston Dentist

Bonding or recontouring?

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Bonding can certainly provide a solution for you once your treatment is complete… However, recontouring or reshaping by adjusting the enamel slightly may be a better option… Bonding can chip and also become stained by certain foods.. your dentist may be able to give you an idea of what your results may look like if they have an imaging system that provides that option…



Bernard Ian Krupp, DDS
Baltimore Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Bonding Following Orthodontic Treatment

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Your chipped teeth could certainly be bonded if you feel like recontouring them will not give you the appearance you desire.  Just realize if the natural tooth structure was chipped away by your biting forces, the bonding may incur a similar fate.  The biting forces have to be controlled especially if you have any night time muscle activity such as bruxism.

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Chipped teeth after invisaligne

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If you are chipping teeth after ortho treatment, you may still have some bite issues. Meaning your teeth are too much in contact and contacting in a wrong angle with forceful pressure. Rounding off is the easy way, no maintenance and good for a period of time. Teeth need to be re angled to correct the cause. bonding may chip again as your natural teeth did. consult with a cosmetic dentist if you want to take the chance with  bonding.

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

Dental Bonding for chipped teeth

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Dental Bonding can be used to correct chipped teeth.  It will depend on how your teeth fit together and how much clearance you have when you slide left and right.  This is difficult to see in your photos.  I agree that you could have some contouring to correct the irregular edges first to see if you like it.  There is not any maintenance with contouring.  Bonding will chip and stain over time and all need to be replaced.


.Bonding after Invisalign

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If you chipped your teeth due to a bite issue, then first off, it is a good thing you are undergoing invisalign to correct your bite.  I would wait until you are completely done with your aligners.  Then you should see a dentist who can make sure you bite is set correctly already or do some minor adjustments on your teeth to set your bite.  If you chipped teeth have enough room compared to the lower teeth, then you should be a good candidate for bonding.  Although sometimes porcelain may have to be done for long term success and durability.

Dental Bonding Can be Done!

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I would recommend re-contouring your teeth and bonding as necessary.  What is nice about bonding is that it freehand so you have the option to verify and edit as needed.  No numbing or discomfort, just art!

Frank Orlando, DDS
New York Dentist

Bonding to perfect your smile

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Well, it looks like your invisalign treatment is coming along nicely and your question about perfecting your smile is a great one.  I am with you 100%!  I wouldn't want my teeth prepared for veneers either if I had teeth like yours.   Bonding is an ideal proceedure that will restore your smile to a more ideal appearance.  I suggest you wait until just before you are ready to get your retainers prior to  doing the bonding.  Why?  Because you will want to whiten your teeth before your dentist does the bonding. Then he can pick a shade of the bonding material that matches your awesome white teeth. Secondly, your dentist will need to take new impressions of your teeth after the bonding is finished so the retainers can be made to fit the new shape of your teeth.   Good luck.

Dental Bonding following Invisalign

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The chips and length of your teeth probably CAN be corrected with dental bonding. You need a very well trained cosmetic dentist to make them natural looking with bonding.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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