Am I a Candidate for Orthognathic Surgery? (photo)

My main complain is gummy smile and slightly long maxilla. Also, my chin is receeding and my lower jaw is small wich creats jowels, double chin and lack of a defined jaw line, and also makes my profile looks a little convex. My question is,in mild cases or overbite, which I believe my case is one of them, does braces & chin implants help to make the desired skeletal changes, especially in maxillay hieght, or do I need orthdentic surgery?I have no compains about bite or breathing

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Orthognathic surgery could be an option

Dear Heba 

thank younger sharing your photos. Unfortunately a more thorough examination with specialized radiographs of the skull would be necessary to determine if orthognathic surgery is necessary to address some of your concerns. The cause of a Gummy smile could be from a short clinical crown I your teeth, hyper plastic gingiva, or a very long maxilla (upper jaw). In your clinical photos it doesn't appear that your maxilla is very long, but I agree that your profile is convex and you have some skin laxity in your neck and some jowling. 

Without having all the diagnostic information and just going off your clinical photos i think you would benefit from with sagittal split osteotomy (jaw advancemet) or chin implant. This will address the comvexity of your profile but only minimally alter the soft tissue neck laxity and jowling. The soft tissue complaints you have would benefit from a lower face and neck lift. This can be performed simultaneously with chin implant. Your gummy smile doesn't appear to be caused by a long upper I would suggest you seek consultation with your dentist for a gingivectomy  possible crown lengething, and crowns. I think this will manage all of your concerns. Best of luck 

Dr M

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