Am i a candidate for Invisalign? Or what should I do?

My teeth are crooked, crowded, and I even still have a baby tooth! They are horrible, esp at my age! I am 21 years old and constAntly depressed over this. Just would like to get a doctors input before I spend thousands just to be told what I do not want to hear.

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Will Invisalign work for my case?

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Hello Alyssa,
I'm sorry that this issue has depressed you, but I would recommend searching for a couple Top Doctors within this forum that offer free or inexpensive consultations.  Choose about 2 or 3 of these Top Docs and schedule appointments with each.  Once you meet with each, you will likely be provided a treatment plan and estimated cost break down.  Ask each doctor if you can see any portfolio of patient before and after photos if they are not readily available on the doctor's website or Real Self.  This interaction will allow you to meet each of the doctors and determine if their chair side manner and patient rapport meets and exceeds your expectations.
After meeting with these 2-3 doctors, base your choice on friendliness, before and after photos and finally price.  I purposely listed price last because it should be a consideration, but definitely not a first consideration.  There are many dentists out there that can give you by far the cheapest price, but they are often the most inexperienced in cosmetic dentistry.

Am i a candidate for Invisalign? Or what should I do?

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Do not are blessed to be living during a time when dental science is able to do things we only dreamed of a generation before. No matter what your dental problem their is a GOOD dental solution. 

Based on the limited information (two photos) you have provided, you appear to have a grossly underdeveloped upper dental arch. This could be the result of multiple causes but the good news is that it can be resolved without surgery using a comfortable removable appliance. You appear to have at least one missing permanent tooth which can be replaced nicely with a dental implant.

By developing your upper arch you will have a broad, beautiful smile, eliminate crossbites that can be harmful to your TMJ, and improve your airway which will help you breathe better; especially while sleeping. You are blessed with beautiful full lips that will frame your new smile beautifully. 

Make sure that the doctor you choose to treat your case understands the effects of moving teeth on facial aesthetics, TMJ health and airway health. If he/she can not speak confidently about those effects, find a different doctor.

Good luck! 

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