Am I a candidate for Dermabrasion? Laser Resurfacing? (Photo)

Hi! Oily, acne prone skin. I've been on Accutane many times and currently use Tazorac nightly. Is there any reason to choose Dermabrasion over Laser Resurfacing? I haven't been on Accutane for a while and I eat well, don't drink, smoke, etc. I've been told laser resurfacing is a no go because of heat and dermabrasion is recommended. Any insight would be great!

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If its been more than 6 months, then yes

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If you have been off Accutane for greater than 6 months you are likely OK to have a laser procedure or dermabrasion to your face. It is hard for me to see from your pictures, but I am guessing you want a procedure to correct and even out acne scarring. If this is the case, it is likely that you were advised to get dermabrasion over a laser treatment because the heat from the laser my cause excessive inflammation that may lead to skin hyperpigmenatation and discoloration permanently. Darker skin types or skin that has a greater capacity to tan darker is more at risk of this happening. Be aware that this can happen even from having dermabrasion done. I would recommend asking the office to do a test spot on your skin and definitely stay out of the sun during the healing process, and take all precautions to promote optimal healing.

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