Am I a Candidate for Chin Surgery?

I had a rhinoplasty few months ago but I think that my chin is too weak compared to my forehead and nose and the start of my lips. Also, one of my side look weird compare to the other one. I think it's related to my chin falling more on one side. Do you think im a good candidate for chin surgery? Would it ask to break my chin as it's quite going down ? From the front, will my chin look longer ? I absolutly don't want a longer chin.

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Good candidate for Chin surgery

Hello, thanks for your question. At our practice we frequently perform nose nurgery and chin surgery at the same time in an effort to create facial harmony. Sometimes when a patient seeks a rhinoplasty, they don't recognize that some improvement can be made to the chin to improve the balance of the overall facial structure. That being said, based on your photos I think you would be quite pleased with a small chin implant. If surgery is not an option, I think you would benefit from strategic botox and filler injections to furher define your jawline. 

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Am I a Candidate for Chin Surgery?

For overall symmetry we often use chin implants when performing a rhinoplasty.  This creates a more in line profile.  Chin implants come in different sizes small, medium and large.  Your Plastic surgeon can help you decide which size would be best for you.

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The appearance of the chin and the nose are intimately related, and a well done Rhinoplasty can expose

underlying problems with the appearance of the chin that were not noticed prior to the surgery.  For example, in your case your chin appears to lie posterior to a vertical line drawn through your lips, and more projection would be beneficial.  Now that the appearance of your nose has been corrcted, this underlying issue is more exposed.  I believe you would benefit from chin surgery, either autologius (moving your own bone) or with an implant.  You would be well advised to have a consultation with a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon to review your options.  Good luck...

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