Am I a Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal (I Don't Like the Puffiness/pouchiness to the Sides of my Mouth/chin)? (photo)

33yo female. I was told by a doctor that buccal fat reduction would create the clean line from cheekbone to corner of mouth I am looking for(remove puffiness). I am worried about buccal fat reduction because of all of the talk on here about it aging the face. Will buccal fat target those areas pictured? Will the amount of augmentation seen be worth the cost and risk? Are there other more conservative procedures anyone would suggest before buccal fat reduction? How would you address this problem?

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Options for tapering the lower third of the face

The two commonly performed procedures for tapering the lower third of the face, and the area you mention from the cheekbone to the corner of your mouth, is masseter reduction with Botox and chin augmentation with a dermal filler, such as Radiesse.

The fullness at the angles of your jaw will be reduced with masseter reduction using Botox to help taper your jawline.  Adding a little more projection to your chin would further enhance this effect.  Both of these procedures are performed in the office after numbing with a little topical anesthetic cream.  

These procedures target slightly different areas from buccal fat removal, but are less-invasive and just as effective at creating a more tapered line.  

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