I am unhappy with my chin, I think it looks weak. Am I a Candidate for a Chin Implant? (photos)

I am unhappy with my chin, I think it looks weak and I believe my face would look much more masculine with a larger, more defined chin. I am considered Radiesse or an implant. If I were to go ahead and have an implant, I am also interested in cleft chin creation. Do you think I'm an ideal candidate for either? Thanks in advance

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Chin implant candidate

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It is impossible to tell from this angle whether or not a chin implant would be appropriate. A side profile would be the best photograph to determine whether or not you have a retrusive chin. From the angle of the photograph presented it does not appear that you need a chin implant. If you are set on chin augmentation, do the implant and not Radiesse. The cleft chin creation is not a good idea either since it creates a natural dimple.  

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Chin implant candidate, or not

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From the only view you show, your chin looks fine to me.  Look at some of my photos/views and post those views so that a better view and opinion can be rendered.

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