Am i a candidate for the benelli lift?

I am wanting a breast lift and hopefully the benelli lift. I am wondering if I am a candidate. If anyone has before.and afters without implants I would like to see them, Iabsolutely do not want implants. Thanks

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Benelli Lift and when to use it.

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The question I would like to ask you is, what are you hoping to accomplish with your Benelli Lift?  If your goal is to raise the level of your nipple position on the breast, the Benelli lift will do this but it will do so by also flattening the breast. On your photo, your nipple position actually appears to be in a very natural and aesthetic position, that is, at or above the fold at the bottom of your breast.  If your goal for the Benelli Lift is to lift your breast tissue upwards and move tissue from the bottom of your breast  to fill in the upper pole of the breast, unfortunately, this will not work. Most breast lifts really recenter the nipple on the breast mound and correct the bottoming out or excessive fullness of the lower breast.  If you desire to add volume to the upper portion of your breast, your best option at this time is an implant. Hope this helps.

Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon
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Benelli lift

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The Benelli lift is useful in a limited portion of the mastopexy population, namely young patients with little sag to the breasts. Your photo is inconclusive. If you do not want implants, there is no reason for you to have an implant mastopexy, but I think you need more lift than the Benelli would provide and that the result is not worth the effort and cost.

Would a Benelli Lift Work?

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The Benelli lift as performed by most surgeons is just the donut lift, removing a donut shaped piece of areola and skin then using a #Pursestring or double purse-string suture to tighten the skin. A true Benelli actually will expose much of the breast through this incision and then the breast itself is shaped and lifted with sutures. This is a more complex procedure and is often not done as describe by Dr. Benelli. This can be done with or without implants based on your desired result for restoring fullness if needed.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Benelli Lift Candidate vs Alternative Lift

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The key to success lies in letting you surgeon know specifically what you would like to look like following the surgery. For example, how perky do you want to be, what shape do you want to have, etc.? However from your description it would appear that a lollipop type lift would be best for you rather than a periareolar lift like the Benelli procedure. Here is a rule of thumb that works for most patients. If you nipple is above your lower breast crease then often a periareolar lift will be sufficient for most patients. If your nipple is at or below your crease then a vertical lift (lollipop lift), inverted T or anchor pattern may be required.

The Lollipop incision for Grade 3 or 4 ptosis (areolar near or below your breast crease) works best in my hands and the use of a Lollipop technique can lift your breast to the perkiness you desire. However, other plastic surgeons are more comfortable with an inverted T or Anchor Pattern technique.The donut lift does tend to both flatten and have scars widened as you are removing skin around the areola which causes tension in that single area causing it to "spring' apart over time. With the Lollipop incision the tension is spread out over a greater distance of the lower vertical scar (where the areola once was) causing less tension on the areola and entire closure. The vertical lift tends to cone the breast making it more shapely (conical) and less flat. For a visual take a paper circle, cut out a small wedge on the bottom and bring the edges together to see this effect. In general I would pick the best Surgeon and explain fully what you want to achieve rather than the technique. Always insist on a board certified Plastic Surgeon.

Benelli lift is for minor ptosis

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A Benelli, or periareolar mastopexy (breast lift) is a satisfactory procedure for patients who have relatively minor sagging (ptosis) of the breasts.  The advantage is that it leaves less scarring just around the areola as opposed to the anchor scar with a full lift. The down sides to a Benelli lift is that it can spread out the size of the areola, it tends to flatten the breast giving it less of a cone shape and it primarily just elevates the nipple and areola rather than the entire breast.

James McMahan, MD
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Am I a candidate for a benelli lift?

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The most important part of a benelli lift is patient selection. In order to get a good result, you need to have minimal ptosis and a conical or pointed breast. A benelli lift will flatten the breast and take away projection. Based on your photos, your breasts appear somewhat already flattened and a benelli lift will make this problem worse. The second part to getting a great result is placing the benelli suture correctly.

Robert Heck, MD, FACS
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Banelli lift

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I would warn you against having the Benelli lift done. There is a high incidence of dissatisfaction with this procedure. I think you would be better off having a vertical mastopexy with a small implant. Unfortunately the Benelli lift offer leads to a stretched out areola. The same can be said for a crescent mastopexy. They both sound good but don't actually lead to an optimal result.

Ronald J. Edelson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Am I a candidate for the Benelli breast lift?

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Looking at your photos, you certainly have a positive pencil sign in that the lower pole of your breast sits against  your chest wall. A Benelli lift without implants will raise the nipple areola slightly  which is the inherent limitation to the procedure, but will not adequately address the mild glandular ptosis.

If you truly wish an elevated breast without implants along with a tight inferior pole, such that it does not rest against your rib cage, you would require a vertical mastopexy. This may result in a slight diminution in your bra cup size since you would need to remove a small amount of inferior breast tissue. Enclosed is a link to one of my cases of a young woman with a similar problem.  Hope this helps. 

Benelli Lifts Offer More Modest Results

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I agree with the other experts that the Benelli can be useful for simply raising the nipple about an inch.  Youa re indicating with the pencil that you have quite a bit of a breast fold.  The Benelli is less effective at raising this fold.

If you dislike the breast fold, and want to only cover one pencil, I would recommend the LeJour or lollipop lift. It's more scar, so you have to be willing to trade that for the improved shape.

John LoMonaco, MD, FACS
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lift without implants

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Hi Lynn,

A Benelli lift would only lift the position of your areolas and that's fine if that is what you are looking for. However, if you would like a lift that also raises your breast mound without the need for implants, then an Ultimate Breast Lift is right for you. This is a new technique that takes the existing breast tissue and reshapes it into a cone-giving the appearance of an implant. It also takes your excess skin to make an internal bra that secures your newly shaped breast permanently to your chest muscles. This internal bra provides added support which minimizes the downward migration of your new breasts (unlike standard techniques which rely only on skin envelope to support the breast). An added benefit of this technique is that there is NO VERTICAL SCAR. The results are very natural, the scars are almost non visible and women love the fact that there are no implants involved which can re-stretch tissue and make things worse in the long run. Best wishes,

Dr. H

Gary M. Horndeski, MD
Texas Plastic Surgeon
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