A Baby Has a Red Circle Under the Eye That Contains Veins. The Eye Appears Smaller. It Has Been Getting Bigger Ever Since Birth?

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Baby with veins around the eyes

A pediatric ophthalmologist should evaluate and treat babies with veins under the eyes or outer eye or eyelids. 

Veins Under the Eye

Thank you for your question. Your Dermatologist, Pediatric Ophthalmologist, Pediatrician need to have a consult together and determine the best course of action whether this is a problem now, or may be in the future, and present you with the options.  It is important to et evaluated and may require  a University level team to evaluate all the options. I hope this helps.


This could be a hemangioma

Have him examined soon, so as to obtain a correct diagnosis. Certain hamangiomas will grow and may need intervention if it starts to affect the eye.

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