Will I Be Able to See Mesotherapy Results After One Treatment?

After one mesotherapy treatment will I be able to see any results? How long does it usually take to see results?

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Will I Be Able to See Mesotherapy Results After One Treatment?

I have not had any side effects such as infection or permanent discoloration.  An attorney formerly with the FDA has given lectures that mesotherapy is an off-label usage of these drugs. I have seen as much as 2 inches of fat loss during one session of abdominal treatment over a week's time.  A lot depends on the formula and the patients and their medical history and medications.

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Don't do mesotherapy

Until the time when science has worked out if mesotherapy is safe and effective and exactly what should optimally be injected, it would be wise of you not to have it done. Remember that it is not FDA approved and large clinics offering it have closed.  Wonder why? 

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