What Type of Veneers Have the Best Value, and at What Price?

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Which brand of Veneers is the best?

The answer really depends on your situation. What are you trying to achieve? Are your teeth over crowded or extremely dark? Are your teeth in a good position to do no-prep or minimal-prep veneers? The best result will be achieved by an experienced cosmetic dentist. The fees may be higher, however I have seen so many patients go with the cheaper veneers only to come straight to me to redo them. In some senses -- you get what you pay for.

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Value for veneers is hard to define

Is Value longevity or is it life-like looks? Sometimes the material doesn't matter in the former, and the most important factor is the dentists knowledge in managing the patient's bite.

Many brands and properties of veneers have different qualities and appropriateness depends on individual situations. There are pressed ceramics and feldspathic porcelain, and a combination of the two. Sometimes strength compromises beauty, but some people would rather repair/replace every few years than have veneers that don't look as natural as possible.

Much of the decision making would be from the dentist, as an experienced cosmetic dentist would know what material is most appropriate. Experienced cosmetic dentists usually work with talented lab technicians that can give a beautiful product.

The greatest factor in value for veneers is the care, skill and judgement of the treating dentist.

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Veneer choices vary depending on what you need

When I look at "value" I want to know how long something is going to last vs. the price paid. This is also true to some extent with veneers. There are several choices for veneers starting with whether they are direct (made directly on the tooth by the dentist without lab involvement) or indirect (these are fabricated in the lab after the dentist has prepared the teeth). Indirect veneers tend to last longer because they are more color stable and indirect veneers appear more vital "lifelike" on the tooth. As for pricing that should be a factor of the expertise of the doctor doing your treatment and the complexity of the case. You definitely want to choose someone who is listening to your desires for the final outcome and who can achieve your expectations. Look at their before and after photos to help you make your decision, because basing this kind of decision on cost alone may be "cheaper" at first, but in the long run a poor value. Veneers are a wonderful solution to many problems and I hope this helps you make a better decision.

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