What is Kenalog?

What is kenelog and what does it do? Is it safe and the risks/future possible problems?

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Kenalog is a corticosteroid used for scar improvement

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Kenalog is the brand name of Triamcinolone acetonide, a common mid-potency corticosteroid used topically in creams for many reasons. It is injected into various lesions (known as "intralesional Kenalog" or ILK) to cause the effects of steroids more deeply in the tissue. These effects may be helpful to your goal, but may also cause UNWANTED SIDE EFFECTS.

The steroid works to induce atrophy (thinning and flattening) and hypopigmentation (loss of color), which are the effects you may actually want, but it also can cause over-flattening, indentations, loss of color in normal skin, and the increased development of small blood vessels in the treated area. One of the other effects of overuse in the skin, is the creation of stretch marks, which are not fixable. Finally... though it is unlikely to occur with very small, occasional injections.... too much corticosteroid injected into, or rubbed onto, the skin over time can cause suppression of an important hormonal pathway in the body and make you very sick.

For all of these reasons, please see only board-certified dermatologists for this treatment, and make sure to ask about all possible side effects before you allow any medication to be prescribed to you, or any procedure to be performed on you, even if it seems minimal because it is so small or quick.

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