How Long to Wear Invisalign for Crowded Teeth?

How long do you have to wear Invisalign? My teeth are very crowded and I wanted crowns, but they say that's too expensive. They said I should wear Invisalign. Please see my photo. I'm only 31, and have alot of teeth staining from drinking well water as a kid, so I need some kind advice, thanks.

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On average, cases usually take anywhere from 1 year to 2

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It depends on how much crowding you have and if there are any other issues that are being corrected. On average, cases usually take anywhere from 1 year to 2.

Ashburn Orthodontist

Crowded Teeth Treatment Time

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You have moderate crowding. Treatment time should be 12 to 18 months on average. The staining on your teeth could be treated with dentist supervised in office whitening procedure such as Zoom. 

Placing crowns is a very aggressive treatment choice as a lot of healthy tooth needs to be removed. 

Sylvan Fain, DDS
Miami Dentist

How long to wear Invisalign for crowded teeth

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Hi, thanks for the photo! It's hard to see everything in that photo, but I typically tell patients that Invisalign takes 9 months -- give or take 3. Invisalign is a better option for you than full crowns (which would be an extremely aggressive treatment to improve your smile). I do believe you will get excellent results from Invisalign -- and you can try to whiten in your Invisalign trays. Sometimes long-term whitening works for well-water affected teeth. If the whitening doesn't do the trick, you can tweak your end result of Invisalign so that your teeth are in place for no-prep veneers. Great Case -- Good Luck!

Invisalign Treatment and some veneers required for your case

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I took a look at your case , however I need a close up of your smile and occlusion. Spacially, I do not know if you have a open bite or not . You have severe crowding at upper teeth. It looks like at least 18 months treatment needed at your case. you do not need any crown, and at the same time you can use the aligners as the whitening trays.

Bruce Vafa, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist

Invisalign treatment time is hard to predict

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The average case is around 11 months, but without an exam and records sent to Invisalign it is merely a guess. However, this will only affect position and won't help the discoloration you report from the well water. While the investment for crowns is more, you may be able to satisfy more goals with restorative materials. I suggest seeing a dentist experienced in cosmetics to see if that would work for you.

Generally speaking, crowns may not be necessary and veneers would be more appropriate.

Duration of Invisalign for crowded teeth

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Invisalign wear varys from case to case. It is a great option to get more ideal alignment and a pretty broad smile. Many patients do Invisalign first to get a more ideal end rsult to cosmetic dentistry. They choose to align the teeth first, whiten with your final trays and then often times they only need to veneer a few teeth to get the beautiful smile of their dreams. It allows for more conservative treament plans which preserve your natural tooth enamel.

Cate Vieregger, DDS
Denver Dentist

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