Vaser Liposelection for the Hips?

Would Vaser liposuction help me? I weigh about 275 pounds with huge hips for my frame. I don't have a problem losing weight generally, but the hips never go down which almost makes me look grotesque in that area.

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Vaser Liposuction best method for liposuction of the hips

Vaser Liposelection surgery is a surgery that reduces the fat cells in the area of the hips, thighs, and abdomen. I often use the vaser liposelection on clients who desire contouring of these areas. It is not a substitute surgery for weight loss. If you are over weight for your size of frame then you can diet and exercise and reduce your weight and then consider liposuction for your areas such as the hips which will make this area flatter and smaller. Many big boned clients have this surgery in the hip and thigh areas and recover well after surgery. Many clients decide to have the surgery and exercise both before and afterwards and the areas just look better. Fat cells do not return in the area of liposuction so clients are very pleased with the contouring offered with the vaser liposelection.

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