Ultrashape for Love Handles and Bra Fat?

I am 5'1, about 110 lbs and really interested in Ultrashape. I work out but can never seem to lose the fat around my tummy and sides (love handles) as well as in the back under my bra strap. I am healthy otherwise. Will I benefit from this procedure?

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Ultrashape and Difficult areas

Ultrashape is a fairly new treatment and its power is not yet fully understood.  It seems to work well in areas that are stubborn fat collection areas such as love handles and the belly fat.  However, bra fat and other areas are not as well tried with Ultrashpe, but no reason it should not work there, too.

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Treating Love Handles and Bra Fat

Areas such as the Bra fat, inner thighs, men's chest fat or buttocks can also benefit from Ultrashape, along with the tummy fat and love handles. 

Treatments are completed in 6 weeks and the best results are seen 8 weeks after the last treatment. 

When you obtain a consultation, these details should be determined for your optimal outcome.

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Love Handles, Bra Fat, Saddle Bags and more Respond to UltraShape

The UltraShape® is clinically proven to improve the abdomen, “saddle bags" and “love handles”.  Other areas such as the Bra fat, inner thighs, men's chest fat or buttocks can also benefit with great results!  Treatments are completed in merely 4 weeks with 3 treatments scheduled 2 weeks apart !
When you obtain a consultation, these details should be determined for your optimal outcome.

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I think you would do well with Ultrashape. It sounds like the areas you are interested in treating would respond well. Results are gradual but there is no down time. Good luck!

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UltraShape for Love Handles and Bra Fat

UltraShape seems like the perfect treatment for you!

It works best on a slimmer person with a low BMI. It's to help with those "problem areas" that can't be fixed with diet or exercise.

UltraShape is a nonsurgical fat-melting treatment with no downtime and no pain. It works by sending ultrasound energy (not thermal energy or heat, which is the technique used by many lasers) to targeted fat within the subcutaneous layer, which lies deep in the skin. There, this ultrasound energy vibrates or shakes the fat cells until they fall apart and are liquefied, thereby selectively destroying these fat cells. The disintegrated fat cells then pass through the liver. So your body processes it just like you ate a fatty meal, and it’s excreted naturally as waste.There is no damage to the surrounding skin or tissues. No anesthesia or sedation is necessary. The treatment is completely painless.
Patients experience visible body shaping—with no significant bruising, swelling, or any discomfort. And because the fat cells are eliminated, long-term results can be maintained (provided patients stick to their healthy diet and exercise regimen).
The average treatment regimen is three sessions, spaced two weeks apart, though the number of appointments may vary depending on a patient’s individual needs and goals. (Treatment time can take anywhere from 10 to 50 minutes depending on the size and number of areas treated.)

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UltraShape for Love Handles and Bra Fat

UltraShape can be safely used to selectively destroy bra fat and love handle fat.  The protocol is 3 sessions performed every other week.

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UltraShape for the tummy and back fat

UltraShape body contour effectively removes fat from the tummy, love handles and back.  It is not intended for weight loss, but rather for removal of stubborn fat.  About 3 treatments, done 2 to 4 weeks apart are usually necessary.  There is no downtime and results are often seen in about 2 weeks.  Patients love the results.

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Ultrashape in Buffalo Niagara NY

We have both Velashape III and Ultrashape in our office in Buffalo Niagara NY.

Ultrashape will work in the areas you mentioned, namely bra lines and love handles. 

There is no down time and 3-6 treatments may be necessary to achieve desirable goals. 

UltraShape for Love Handles and Bra Fat

UltraShape is a great procedure for reducing stubborn fat around the abdomen, love handles, and back. UltraShape targets and destroys fat cells that are hard to eliminate with diet and exercise alone. Visit a board-certified dermatologist to determine whether or not UltraShape is the ideal body sculpting treatment for you! 

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