My left side seems far too small and weird. How to Correct Tubular Breasts Without Implants?

I am not sure if I have tubular breast or maybe I have mild tubular breast. However, can this be corrected without breast implants? How can this happen? It's obvious that my right breast is normal but the left side seems far too small and weird. I am also considering to receive some correction--maybe stem cell breast enlargement. Is this possible to change the shape?

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Correcting tubular breast deformities

There is a broad spectrum of what would be considered "tubular" or "tuberous" breasts. You appear to have a mild variant. The correction would most appropriately involve implants to stretch the tissues and a mild periareolar lift on your more affected side. If you didn't use an implant, all you could do would be to try to minimize the herniation of the tissue into the one affected areola but you would still be asymmetrical. Other treatments such as stem cell therapy are not on the foreseeable horizon.

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Correction of Tuberous Breasts?

Dear Star.

Few comments ;

- You DO have a subtle form of tuberous or constricted breasts. your right nipple areola complex is very large compared to the breast and demonstrates herniation of breast content (typical of this deformity).

- I do NOT agree with "It's obvious that my right breast is normal but the left side seems far too small and weird." You right breast is not abnormal but it is not an attractive breasts and CAN be qualified as a mildly tuberous breast. Your left breast is not "weird" but less constricted than the right.

- Stem cell therapy is FAR from being used for breast augmentation and I would NOT wait for it.

There is NO doubt that you can get more attractive breasts with a well performed breast augmentation. Unfortunately, there is NO equivalent treatment on the market DESPITE everything you hear.

Peter A Aldea, MD

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Non-implant correction of tuberous (not tubular) or constricted breast deformity

I assume you are referring to the Brava/lipoinjection technique which is still in the evaluation process. It is not widely accepted nor is it anywhere near the standard of care.

The Brava device would likely make your nipples larger without addressing the constriction and definitely would do litttle to correct the asymmetry.

If you are set on this course, I would contact Dr. Khouri regarding his experience with the technique in Miami.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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