Treatment for Scab Caused by Large Whitehead?

I got a whitehead on my right nostril back in January that got really large. I popped it with a hot rag. The area scabbed over, but I ended up ripping off the scab and tearing off a small area of skin (about 2-3 layers).

I saw a dermatologist back in March who said I just needed to "give it time," but it's been 7 months and the skin doesn't seem to be regenerating and is not as thick as the skin on the other side of my nose. Will it grow back or do I need some type of surgery or treatment to correct the area?

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Scar after a whitehead

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Scars will take a full year to mature. Time will help although it has been 7 months. Try massaging the wound as this usually improves a scars appearance. Wounds in this area may take longer to heal as the skin in this area is adherent to the underlying cartilage and the skin is not as pliable as other areas of the body. It is time for another follow up appointment

Long Island City Plastic Surgeon

Would Return to Dermatologist

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The dermatologist gave you good advice in telling you to let time heal your wound. However, after seven months if the scar is still present, I think it is time to have it re-evaluated. You should schedule an appointment and let the dermatologist determine whether a small surgical procedure might benefit you. In the meantime you should put Biafine on the wound and if that is not available, Aquaphor.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

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