Traditional Liposuction Vs. Body Jet Liposuction

I'm researching about traditional liposuction vs. Body Jet Liposuction. With regard to the volume of fat removed, how do the two compare?

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Body Jet Liposuction can remove same amount of fat as traditional lipo

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There are no limitations as to how much fat can be removed with the Body Jet vs traditional lipo.  If doing the procedure strictly with local, there is a limit to the amount of lidocaine which can be given, but this is similar to traditional liposuction using local.  There are recommendations to limit removal to 2 liters at one setting under local and 6 liters under general anesthesia for all types of lipo.

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Body jet

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Body jet is just another sleek marketing tool for liposuction with water enhancement. The water gets "shpritzed" in while the lipo is going on. I do not see the big deal. Go to an experienced lipo guy to get good results.

Forget the name and go to a good, experienced surgeon.

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 There are many terms used with liposuction that are primarily marketing tools. The experience of the surgeon with any kind of liposuction will give you the best results.

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I prefer Body Jet Liposuction

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Since I have been doing liposuction since 1982, I feel I can truly answer your question. I started doing Body Jet Lipo in Jan. 2009. Since than it is my preferred method of liposuction. I remove more fat with less bleeding, black & blue, faster healing, better results than using traditional liposuction. So if it was choice I would use the Body Jet. The best in Dallas is Dr Caruth.

Best of Luck!

Different liposuction options

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It seems that every few years a new liposuction development arises that makes the same claims: less pain, faster, less bleeding/bruising, quicker recovery, faster results, etc.

However few ever live up to their promises. More often than not, these offer one additional option.

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