Cost of Thigh and Buttocks Lift in Texas?

What's the average cost of thigh lift and butt lift in Texas? I researched it and came around 7,750 and with liposuction at around 10,000 for the national average. Does this sound correct for Texas as well? More or less? I've heard it's less.

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Thigh and Buttock Lift Pricing

Those prices seem about average.  Remember, part of the cost will be dependant on time spent in the O.R.

In my Houston practice we include lipo in the fee for the lift, if the lipo is in the same area.

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Costs appear reasonable.

These numbers sound in line with accepted and appear to be on the relatively low side for this extensive of a procedure. Clearly costs will vary depending on the length of the procedure, surgeon's fees, location of the procedure, type of anesthesia.

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