Thermage on Neck After Part of Thyroid Was Removed?

Can I do Thermage on my neck if I had a part of my thyroid removed? It was removed some years back. I'm currently on thyroxine medication. Thanks a lot for your response.

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No concern for treatment

There is no concern for having a Thermage treatment after having part of your thyroid removed. Typically, the area around the thyroid is not treated anyway to avoid any complications. Thermage on the neck is for a specific patient population so you should have a consultation with an experienced physician to make sure that the results you want can be provided by Thermage. Other treatments to consider are Pelleve" for a non surgical treatment, neck liposuction or SmartLipo for excess fat and early skin laxity or various surgical procedures for more advanced neck laxity.

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You can have Thermage after thyroidectomy

The fact that you had a thyroidectomy should not adversely affect the result from Thermage. You just need to have a very frank discussion with your treating physician as to what your expectations are, so that you can pick the right procedure to meet those expectations.

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